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Carson City Voters CARE!

It has been a pleasure to speak with Carson City Voters where ever I find them -- Everyone cares about restoring voter confidence dealing with the voter rolls -- everyone CARES!

Please hire me to be your next Carson City Clerk Recorder -- I am the MOST Qualified with actual election experience working the Carson City Polls. I have seen fraud nearly everyday when it comes to homes and recording false documents. As a thirty year title insurance executive, I know the importance of the recorders side of the business. I have settled estates and know what is involved being the Public Administrator.

Experience means more than serving in public office. I have been the President of a Boy Scout Troop where my Son achieved Eagle Rank. I have been a volunteer Range Safety Officer at the Carson City Riffle Range. I have led a political organization creating a mailing list of over 2000 people and social networking page of over 3000 people plus building the tools with the technology skills I possess.

My accounting undergraduate degree and MBA has served me well over my career. I have managed hundreds of employees and been responsible for the bottom line results. I have increased market share, revenue and profitability and know what it takes from a Customer Service point of view -- It is critical that we serve our Carson City Community with the upmost respect and highest level of service.

Please hire me as your next Carson City Clerk Recorder! William Scott Hoen -- tell your friends, family and neighbors to elect a professional that knows what to do and will serve you best.

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