Scott Hoen

for Carson City Clerk-Recorder
Election Integrity - Experience - Leadership

Open, Fair and Secure Elections


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Glen Eagles, Wednesday, 8/24th 5PM



March 7, 2022

Scott Hoen Files Candidacy for Carson City Clerk Recorder


It was busy at the Carson City Courthouse with local political candidates filing for election.  The filing period is from March 7th through March 18th to get your name on the ballot.

Scott has never sought political office but looks at the Carson City Clerk Recorder as a career change devoting the next four years to the citizens of Carson City.

March 7, 2022

Get Going with Hoen for Carson City Clerk Recorder


Scott has the elections experience participating in the Republican Party Central Committee for the past three years.  Scott knows the importance of voter integrity and the fair and open election process.  The City clerk can't change the law but can abide by the law and regulations set forth by the Legislature and Secretary of State.  Open and fair elections means transparency with the process and looks forward to bringing is technical talent and management style to a great team already at the Carson City Clerk Recorders office..

July 12, 2023

Carson City Clerk Recorder Responsibilities.


The one job that everyone is familiar with is the Clerk's role with conducting the elections in Carson City.  Rules and regulations are followed to get the most voters through the process and making sure the election is secure, fair and transparent.

The other function is the Recorders responsibilities with real estate records, tax and mechanic liens, marriage and birth certificates and so much more.  With records going back to the 1850's, data is public record.

Lastly, the Carson City Clerk Recorder is the Public Administrator for the city.  Taking care of estates of citizens passing away residing in Carson City with no apparent heirs to settle their estates.