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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Scott grew up in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking and all sports you can think of.  Several of his stops growing up include Medford, OR, Boise, ID and Portland Oregon.

Scott went to Lewis and Clark College in Portland to earn his Bachelors of Arts liberal arts degree.  He majored in Accounting and Economics and continued his Spanish courses from High School throughout college.  The career path for Scott was that of becoming a CPA - sat for the exam and then decided during the summer of graduation that he would try Sales and Marketing like his father and father's father.  That was a great choice.

Putting the accounting and economics background to use - went into the computer industry in it's infancy and learned quickly how to use technology to his advantage and earned more money while having fun being the most efficient you can be.

Joined a Company as a Sales Rep and worked himself all the way to the top becoming the Vice President of Marketing.  Was recruited to the Title Insurance industry whereby the company was looking for a sales professional to run their sales and marketing group.  The key to Scott's success over the years has been hiring good people that want to have fun while working hard.  Growing market share and profitability utilizing technology was the advantage.  

With over thirty years with major title insurance underwriters from Commonwealth  Land Title, Fidelity National Title, First American Title and most recently helping real estate broker grow startups for their operations.  Innovation was essential and creating new ways of doing things cheaper, better, faster.

Scott's experience with the City and County Recorder's offices around the country with the recording department and real estate transactions, property taxes, assessor data and more brings the experience of what others do and what Carson City might be able to do.  Everyone hears about the fraud that is running rampant in the real estate industry that affects recordings of citizens that unknowingly loose their property or equity due to fraudulent recordings.  Alerts to homeowners would be a priority for my term in office.

ELECTION INTEGRITY is so important along with TRANSPARENCY to the voting public.  Insuring that Carson City citizens have confidence in a fair, open and secure election is key.  Letting the community know what they are doing to protect the voter rolls and keep them clean with those that move away from our community or pass away that should be removed from the rolls.  Scott's experience working the polls to assist the current Clerk Recorder was an experience that proves that volunteers can make a difference in the voting process by checking signatures while getting their ballot to vote.  Scott served as the Chairman of the Carson City Republican Party and was responsible for building out the website, email distribution system and social media presence.  Again, using technology to better communicate and get citizens involved with the election process, no matter what their party is.  

Scott took this Clerk Recorder position seriously - attending all the Secretary of State zoom meetings along with the building of their regulations that will put in effect the NV Legislative law changes.  I am NOT a fan of what the NV Legislature did with ALL Mail in ballots with the potential or at least the perception of the possibility of fraud.  The City Clerk Recorder must do everything in their power to enforce the regulations and NOT attempt to change the law. 

Scott attends and watches recordings of the Board of Supervisors Meetings as the City Clerk Recorder is responsible for recording motions and votes.  There is a lot to the office including being the Public Administrator for Carson City managing estates of those that pass away without any heirs.

The point is that this is a FULL TIME job and will require 60+ hours a week to do it correctly for the citizens of Carson City.  Scott will quit his VP NV State Manager for ROC Title and resign from volunteer positions to focus all his efforts with this JOB.

Aubrey Rowlatt and her team has done a phenominal job over the past four years and should be commended.  Scott looks forward to working with her team of professionals to make a difference for Carson City.

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