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"I look forward to being your Carson City Clerk Recorder to bring an increased level of transparency of the voter rolls to the citizens in Carson City.  Restoring the confidence of the electorate is an important part of election integrity.  Automating the Recorder function will be a priority to digitize older documents with easy retrieval for the public.  I am excited to take on this full time effort with a career change for me personally but up to the challenge with all the experience I bring to the office.
Election Integrity

Everyone wants a fair and secure election.  Working at the polls the last election cycle taught me that more than anything else.  Everyone, regardless of party, wanted to show their ID and have their signature verified.  Who wouldn't?

Everyone wants their vote to count and not let the possibility of fraud into the election process.  Many don't want mail in ballots to make sure their vote counts by doing the process in person.

The Nevada legislature has changed many of the laws due to the pandemic and have made them permanent.  The Secretary of State's office crafted regulations for the County's to follow and those regulations passed during the last legislative process will be implemented for the 2022 election cycle.

It is the responsibility of the City Clerk to make sure that they are followed and complied with in a secure way.  We must make sure we focus on cleaning and keeping the voter rolls CLEAN.  Go through the process to remove those that have passed or moved away!

Recorder Experience

I have been in the title insurance industry for over thirty years and no the importance of the Recorders office in filing ownership records for real property, filing tax liens, mechanics liens, marriage and more.  Making the public record data available for use is key to many industries like the Title Insurance field.

Automating the process for filing and retrieving information is key.  There is too much fraud these days and if the recorders office can assist the community with records filed on your personal property with an alert would be a benefit for our community to have piece of mind regarding the most important investment asset of their lives.

I actually created a website redirect right to the Carson City web page that you need to OPT-IN for the notification about recordings against your property.

Management and Leadership

It comes down to finding good people that want to work together for the common goal and have fun doing the job producing results.  I have that career record of managing and leading great teams that can make a difference.  Motivating and leading while working with others and agencies you might not be responsible for is the key to success.

I can make the tough call.  I can make the presentation and request the tools or money necessary to improve the function of the office.  I can make a difference and would appreciate your vote.

Technologic Tools to Automate

You want as your next Carson City Clerk Recorder, someone that knows, understands and has actually developed systems to improve real estate and title insurance companies productivity.

You want someone that knows the different PC and MAC platforms to develop the most customer service friendly systems for the employees and the citizens of Carson City!  

Scott knows how to communicate to internal IT departments to push and get the most out of the technology we have and know what is necessary to procure in the future.

Making a Difference for Carson City

Running for Carson City Clerk Recorder is a career change for the Hoen family.  I would have to resign from my current title insurance responsibilities in order to commit 100% of my effort for Carson City.  This is a FULL TIME effort for the next four years!

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