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Experience or ACTUAL Experience?

My opponent claims to have experience -- maybe in business or with the School Board or other governmental agencies but NOT ACTUAL experience with the Clerk Recorder's responsibilities.

I ACTUALLY HAVE Experience as a previous Carson City Election POLL Worker. I am familiar with the staff, the layout, the equipment and software used. In fact, over 90% of the voters checking in with me were reaching for their wallets or purses to pull out their ID! They wanted their vote to COUNT! They wanted their signature to match! Our voters regardless of party in this non-partisan race want the elections to be fair, open and secure.

Many voters actually brought ballots that were mailed to their address that wasn't theirs and wanted to fix the voter rolls -- thank you voter!

I ACTUALLY have over 30 years EXPERIENCE in the Title Insurance Industry working with RECORDERS offices across the country! I have managed hundreds of people and responsible for multimillion dollar budgets! My opponent may know what it takes to lead a small team but I know how to run major business divisions and make an impact with increased revenue, bottom line results and increased marketshare. It's important to manage people with retention in mind to keep the very best we have. I know what the recorders office does in regards to real estate and will hit the ground running! My objective is to let our 24,000+ homeowners know about how bad title fraud with their properties is!

If you haven't already - check out the website link I created to sign up for a notification regarding your property.

I am a technology expert creating systems used to this day in real estate and title insurance! You can count on me to know what systems, equipment and software is required to bring the Clerk Recorder's office up to date!

Elect the candidate that can hit the ground running and NOT LEARN ON THE JOB! We can't afford to learn on the job when it comes to elections and all the functions of the office. Elect the candidate with ACTUAL Experience -- Elect Scott Hoen, Carson City Clerk Recorder.

I would appreciate your VOTE!


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