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Meet n' Greet with Scott Hoen, Candidate for Carson City Clerk Recorder

I wanted to personally invite you to my first Meet n’ Greet at Glen Eagles Restaurant in Carson City on Wednesday, August 24th from 5PM to 7PM. I am in a run-off and I am the MOST Qualified and Experienced candidate and can use your help. I really could use your moral and/or financial support. There were so many Carson City Republican Party members that were energized this primary, and I can use your voice behind my drive to be the next Carson City Clerk Recorder and Public Administrator. Just by having you at my event will make a statement and I can use with pictures promoting that I am the MOST Qualified and Experienced candidate to run Carson City Elections AND the Recorders office AND be the Public Administrator. Lily and I are knocking on doors and doing everything I can with my marketing talent and technology skills to show Carson City that I am the best candidate to elect. I even got another letter to the editor published in the Nevada Appeal just today. Please join me at the Meet n’ Greet and I look forward to catching up with you. or (775) 400-7799

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