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Perplexed -- "Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd?"

The League of Women Voters, AAUW and Nevada Appeal held a forum for the candidates to answer questions - not a debate but answer questions at the Brewery Arts Festival. I am perplexed. Running for Carson City Clerk Recorder is a NON-PARTISAN race and the Clerk Recorder will serve all of Carson City not just one political party or ideology -- let me be clear -- this is a non partisan race and I have conversations with any person or any party to explain why I am the MOST Qualified with ACTUAL REAL experience to do this job for the citizens of Carson City.

Perplexed with my opponents quote, "maybe unlike people my opponent hangs out with.”

I am proud to say that the crowd I hang out with include hundreds of local voters I have met at the door -- They all want voter / election integrity restored by cleaning up the voter rolls -- i don't care what party -- I hang out with the BEST people of Carson City - the implications that I go to Republican meetings is absolutely ridiculous and what I told the paper - INAPPROPRIATE!

I am committed to this city for the long term and look forward to working with the community to restore voter confidence.

GET OUT to VOTE -- tell your family members, friends, neighbors to vote for Scott Hoen, Carson City Clerk Recorder.

Again -- I have actual and real experience and have the technology background to make a difference on day one!

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