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Scott Hoen Launches Campaign for Carson City Clerk Recorder Office!

I am pleased to announce that I am running for the Carson City Clerk Recorder office during the June 2022 Elections. I believe I am qualified for the office with my technical skills, the title insurance recording employment history and working the polls during the 2020 election with the Carson City Clerk and her staff.

I believe that everyone in Carson City Nevada wants a transparent, fair and SECURE election. The Carson City Clerk can not change the processes set forth by the Secretary of State and Nevada Legislature but can become more transparent about the voting process in our community. How many individuals have been removed from the voter rolls due to death or moving out of the Carson City community? How many NEW voters registered by month.

The NO Party registrations are ever increasing due to the Automatic Voter Rolls from the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV is complying with the laws of the state but we can do better to educate those citizens that register at the DMV and how their choice of NO party eliminates their choice in our closed primary state. We can do better.

We can bring technology tools to the office to be transparent in recordings on properties owned by individuals. Anyone can fraudulently record ownership documents and the Clerk Recorder can communicate with those homeowners that a document was recorded to prevent fraud and security for our citizens.

My technology background, my political experience with the Clerk Recorder makes me the ideal candidate. "I care about Carson City and am willing to change careers to help the citizens of Carson City"!

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