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Source of Campaign Funds is Telling!

Carson City Voters MUST be made aware of campaign financing especially for an integral office like the Carson City Clerk Recorder that REQUIRES the upmost integrity for ALL voters in this NON-Partisan race. This post will show the voters of Carson City my opponents source of funding from the Democrat Party to George Soros.

The Nevada Secretary of State requires every political candidate to file a Contributions and Expense document. My opponent's most recent filing shows her source of funding -- See below.

The source of her funds is the Democratic Central Committee -- I have not received any funding directly from the Republican Central Committee -- I do have donors that are close friends of mine in Carson City.

I found out last week that my opponent is ALSO funded by a PAC == -- check them out. Here are some screen shots of key points from their webpage starting with their support of my opponent and then statements what their PAC stands for and how they are backed by -- This NON Partisan race is quickly becoming partisan by opponent and her financial backers to influence the direction of the Carson City Clerk Recorder -- People expect a return on their investment -- campaigns are no different - I do NOT have special interest groups donating to my campaign like my opponent = this is scary - you hear about it at the national level but now it is down to our local race.

I am actually offended at the accusation of me being an election denier and not a proponent of voter and election integrity -- I always say -- Make it easy to vote but HARD to CHEAT!

I will appreciate your VOTE and push back for elections integrity restoring voter confidence!!

AND NOW -- look who is the MAIN Source of funds of the --


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