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Vote for Experience!

Hello Carson City voters. I am Scott Hoen candidate for Carson City Clerk Recorder. I want you to know that criminals are working very hard to steal from you the property you own or are renting or leasing. I have a long and very successful career preventing such criminal activity that would leave you homeless.

There are many other issues that require the kind of attention backed with competent knowledge that my opponent is not qualified to solve. Take the need to restore voter confidence by cleaning up the voter rolls and creating a transparent organization that also provides great customer service.

In that my opponent has operated on a school board for a number of years she surely is not qualified to manage the duties of Carson City’s Clerk recorder.

I care and simply want to get the job done founded in my highly qualified and applied background in the many problems to be recognized and solved for you, the Carson City voter.

Check me out with a search or go to my website -

Early voting has begun - mail in your ballot, drop it off or vote in person! But PLEASE Vote

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