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Carson City Clerk Recorder MUST Follow the Rules and Regulations BUT...

The Carson City Clerk Recorder is a non-partisan race and the Clerk Recorder will support ALL citizens in Carson City. The Clerk Recorder can't make law, change regulations and must follow what is set forth by the Nevada Legislature and Secretary of State regulations.

The Clerk Recorder can make recommendations and should make recommendations for a smoother and MORE SECURE ELECTION. Whether they choose to listen is up to them. The Secretary of State told me that 9 out of 17 Clerks will be leaving their position and a brain drain will occur and it will be important for the next Clerk Recorder to network and work with the other Clerk Recorders. I already have a great working relationships with Storey and Nye County and looking to expand that network to LEARN from and make recommendations.

I have strong morals and those that know me as one with integrity - I have my own beliefs what is better for Carson City and the State of Nevada. Ballot question Number 3 is all about modifying the Nevada Constitution for Ranked-Choice voting - talk to me about what you think as well as my point of view. 775-400-7799 or or


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